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What do we believe?

We believe that we can improve the world and reduce pollution. We are doing that by collecting plastic waste and use it to make new clothing out of it. We want to use as less as possible natural resources and reuse waste to create our products.


We also want to change the way customers shop online. We believe that current online customer behaviour is a copy of customer behaviour in a physical store. As physical movement of our product creates a serious CO2 footprint we want to reduce transportation of our product to the minimum. 

Our vision

Environ-design combines fashion with a better future. Our mission is to redefine young people's lifestyle! 

We offer excellent designs made on an environmentally sustainable way. Clean the world bit by bit and turn plastic waste into fashionable designs.

The world is becoming more contaminated every day. Only we as people are capable of stopping this pollution by rethinking the way we live and produce our products. Environ-Design wants to reuse plastic waste and turn it into fashionable designs. 

Our products are made of used plastic bottles. We use 86% less water, 70% less energy and we have 76% less CO2 emissions than the normal cotton clothing production. 

By using plastic waste we can reduce the amount of plastic pollution in the environment.  

Wearing this product makes you look and feel good. 

What are we doing?

 We only sell polyester clothing produced from recycled plastic  bottles. In fact we are wearing our own waste, but still. look good. With new technological possibilities we are able to use recycled plastics and sustainable products. This process has 5 stages.

Stage 1: collecting plastic bottles.

Stage 2: wash and flake

Stage 3: heat and extrude into fiber

Stage 4: spin into recycled polyester yarn

Stage 5: creating durable clothing

Who are we? 

Tom Dullens


Tom is a Dutch student and  fashion entrepreneur. He is a driven young man trying to make you look and feel good. At the moment he is making good looking durable products and is working on sustainable distribution

Closing the loop

Because we like to close the loop of recycling, We highly recommend you to  not throw your Environ-Design clothing away. Please try to give it a second life.